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I love art deco.

A few years ago, I couldn't even tell you what art deco was. Even now I sort of want to define it as "stuff Meesh likes, all crammed together at once." Crazy gaudy, opulent and ornate? Linear symmetry? Ancient Egyptian influence? I'm there. Plug it into my veins. Or at least into my jewelry.

The pieces in the picture above are mine, from jewelry making class back when I was in college. Just like any time I attempt design, whether it's for clothing or abstract sketches or blog buttons, it just sort of came out really geometric and a little eclectic. I can't help it! No matter how much I admire other styles, like the more lyrical art nouveau, this is the one that seems to come out of me organically.

I'm starting to embrace it.

(Someday I'd like to have another go at metalworking, but alas, I do not think I can afford any more hobbies!)

On a related note, check out these Byzantine-inspired pieces posted at whowhatwear. Do. Want.

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