1985 called

Why yes, those are socks with my flats.

Urban Behavior tunic
New York & Company sweater
Black jacket from Target (I think)
Charlotte Russe leggings
American Eagle flats

Bit of a sloppy look today, but I was late out the door and just sort of threw it all on. At least I was only visiting grandparents! Well, except for that whole posting it on the internet thing. Whoops.


cinematographic: the ghost with the most

i got nothin' on betty juice
channeling the ghost with the most

Thought I'd round out the Lydia set by adding a bit of her partner-in-crime. Beetlejuice is a little challenging, though. Where Lydia's color scheme is mainly muted purples with a pop of bright red, all of BJ's colors are bright! I'm still not sure I'm happy with that second one.

Or maybe you prefer the (relatively) friendlier pink shirt version?

Beetlejuice movie screencap from film_stills.
Not sure who made the animated series cap.
If only they'd put it out on DVD already!


browsing the shopruche garden dreams lookbook

Ruche is one of my favorite online stores, and I always love flipping through their lookbooks. I mean, seriously--are you seeing those dresses in the trees? My wanting face, this is it.


pretty in peach

Charlotte Russe peach skirt
New York & Company scarf & top
Target cardigan
Lord & Taylor's tights
Kohls driving gloves
orange purse (gift)
not sure about the falling apart platform sandals
red sunglasses that I'm pretty sure belonged to my boyfriend...about 5 years ago!

Ah, warm spring weather, how I have longed for it...and how disappointed I was today! Curse you, deceptive sunlight. Warm, no. Utterly freezing? Oh yes. I prefer this outfit without the cardie or tights, but it wasn't going to happen.

My sister cooked up some amazing pan-Asian food for us yesterday, and I thought I'd share my favorite part. Homemade spring rolls ahoy:

This is the kind of meal that, once you finish it, you keep looking hopefully into the empty pots as though more will magically appear.


cinematographic: lydia deetz

Chasing Lydia Deetz
A favorite of mine growing up. Was there any girl who wasn't a little bit in love with cartoon!Beetlejuice?

Lydia Deetz in Spring

Beetlejuice film screencap from film_stills.
Not sure who made the animated series cap.


shaka, when the walls fell

Waited a little too long to start shooting this time, and then tried to take pictures in glaring late afternoon sun on the first beautiful day we've had this month. The viewscreen, how it lied to me about the colors! Oh, to be doing traditional b&w photography again. Or even alternative processes. At least there's no fiddling around in Photoshop (well, it'll be GIMP for me since I'm poor).

 At this point I realized I had fallen into some inescapable pit of overprocessing. Just one more tweak, I told myself...

Clearly, I do not have the editing skills to make a bad photo look good! I had to walk away. Until another day, DSLR.

Outfit, in case you were wondering:

Brown bomber from Target
Volcom black dress
Charlotte Russe top and leggings
New York & Co. purse
White Stag boots


no magic mirrors

F21 cranberry dress
Charlotte Russe leggings
White Stag boots
cream twill coat from Weathervane
scarf gifted by a Secret Santa

This is my go-to ensemble for when I don't want to worry about comfort, but would really rather not wear sweats either! Aside from the cut and the $5 sale price, the best thing about this day dress is the color. It reminds me of the late 90s when everyone was wearing these super flattering wine-colored reds and deep greens (in crushed velvet with an overlay of black lace, but I think we can collectively pretend to not remember that part.)

These pics, though! With another (more talented) student photographer in the house, I haven't really taken my own photos in a while. Getting back into the swing of it is a little more challenging than I expected...especially when I start making mistakes straight off! What, I should have remembered to change the ISO settings? That's shooting high, my friend.


i prick my fingers on spinning wheels and never go to sleep

My personal taste is a little girly, a little dramatic, and maybe a little discordant. I am drawn to all things cinematic and bold, but also to feminine fairytale designs. These things, I have learned, do not always make a good combination. With clothes, it means I end up with a whole closet full of actual costumes and a day-to-day wardrobe that either doesn't speak to me or has very little practical use.

Luckily, I love projects. Is there a happy medium where film noir, storybook frills and street fashion can come together harmoniously? Let's see how well I can fill the style holes in all aspects of my life without going broke...and maybe have a little fun along the way.

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