into the fog

Last week's fog made for a cool shooting atmosphere -- or it would have, had it rolled in a little earlier in the day. By nightfall, visibility was minimal, and I was furious that it was too dark to experiment out there. As it was, I learned three things about taking photos in fog: 1) it is cold, 2) any hairstyling will be almost instantly destroyed by frizz, and 3) no seriously it's cold; put some gloves on, stupid.

This isn't my favorite outfit, mainly because the comfortable-but-overlarge charcoal trousers need tailoring (preferably not by me!) and because the perfect pair of black riding boots still eludes me. (By the pestilent gods, I will find you before the season is out, perfect boots.)

In the meantime, I'll just be over here, chasing the fog and enjoying my last chances to wear fall jackets.


diy makeup tutorial: make your own cream blush

Love the smooth, silky application of cream blush, but can't justify putting any more cash toward your cosmetics stash? (Guilty as charged, officer.) If you've got an extra palette of powder blush or pink eyeshadow gathering dust at the bottom of your makeup bag -- say, one of those questionable off-brand kits well-meaning relatives hand out on holidays -- you're good to go for making your own cream version.

Step the First: 
Find a powder color you'd like to see in a cream blush. If you don't like what you've got, you can color-mix a few different powders, or add a plain shimmer powder.

Step Two:  
Scrape a few chunks of powder into a clean makeup palette, compact or container. You'll see here that I used the back side of a lip brush to do the scraping, but any hard-edged tool will do.

Step Three:
Crush the chunks into a fine powder -- as fine as possible! Any large crumbs will make the end result look like sprinkles in pudding.

Step Four:
Pour a few drops of your regular foundation into the powder -- but not too much, or the foundation's undertone will change the blush color. I wanted a peach blush, so the yellow undertone in my foundation was a plus, but you might want to keep yours more on the pink side.

Step Five:
Add cream. Face cream, that is, and the thicker, the better. Runny lotions and moisturizers won't work, but a heavy facial cream or shea butter makes a good base. Remember -- the less cream you add, the bolder the blush color.

Step Six:
Mix well with whatever stirring tool you're willing to sacrifice and let the cream set for a while. If the mixture is too goopy when you go to put it on, stick it in the freezer to make it harden up faster.

Step Seven:
Apply the blush with your fingertips and enjoy that healthy exercise glow without needing to actually, you know. Do anything.


storybrooke style

It's getting cold and rainy in the Northeast, and that means only one thing to my wardrobe: coats. Also boots, but mostly coats. I'm taking my winter fashion cues from Once Upon a Time this year, because despite the cast clearly freezing their asses off on the Storybrooke set in Vancouver, they always look fantastic  -- and not underdressed for CT's winter weather, luckily for me. Also, I don't think I could get away with a Night's Watch uniform in my everyday life.

Today's inspiration came from the kinda-hipster outfits Belle&co wore on the show recently, though if it were a little warmer out I probably would have gone with tights instead. Alas, I could not do the show's super-princessy hair justice -- in addition to being just plain terrible at hairstyling, mine frizzes at the slightest hint of moisture in the air. (Mom, tell me how I got your hair type, but not your curls.)

jacket: Target
blouse: uh...good question
skirt: Forever21
leggings: Charlotte Russe
boots: White Mountain

tinted moisturizer: Sonia Kashuk
powder&concealer: Maybelline
mascara: Maybelline
gel eyeliner: L'Oreal
lipstick: Covergirl
blush: you'll see in my next post!


halloween come and me wan go home

This is what I've spent the last 6 weeks making, folks: Once Upon a Time Evil Queen Regina's velveteen riding jacket from episode 2x20. May the gods of sewing have mercy on my soul.

You'd think it wouldn't take so long, no? Yeah, me too -- but I think that every time I go to make a costume, and I am wrong every. single. time. I was right up to the wire, finishing just an hour before the party. I'm not super happy with the way it turned out, as some things really got rushed, but hell if the overall effect didn't look fantastic. And my sister was happy with it, so that's all that really matters. (...she says through clenched teeth.)

No, really, I was very much enjoying myself up until late-in-the-game setbacks happened (set-in sleeves are THE DEVIL.) It's been a long, long time since I last made clothes. If not for the deadline, I might have kept my good mood and moved right into a new project.

...maybe after a break, haha.


late bloomer

This oversized Japanese maple changes foliage late every year, without fail. The oaks have already dropped their frankly awful yellow-brown leaves, so all that's left for color in my yard is this and a distant yellow splash from a larger maple creeping over the fence on my neighbor's property. I'm not ready for winter!

I'll take the coat, and leave the flowers in my hair no matter the weather.

 pea coat: Old Navy
mint dress: Chicwish
scarf: Aerie
leggings: Charlotte Russe
ankle boots: White Mountain

tinted moisturizer: Sonia Kashuk in Radiant
concealer: Maybelline in medium beige
pressed powder: Maybelline in ivory
eyeliner: Maybelline Eye Studio gel and Urban Decay pencil
Mascara: Maybelline you know the one
lipstick: Revlon in Kiss and Covergirl in Temptress


because it's on you, dear

Behold, my bad photo edits.

My sister called this outfit weird, and my father "very fashionable," so let's hope it came out somewhere in-between. I'm in the midst of the last-minute Halloween costume sewing rush, so my brain is slightly fried and  crazy clothing choices is just a thing everyone (including the very nice staff at Joann Fabrics, who have seen me at least three times this week) will have to deal with.

Once Upon a Time is this year's choice, which means lots and lots and LOTS of costume pieces. My sister's Evil Queen riding getup alone needs a cascading floor-length jacket with built-in corset (*sob*), a button-down blouse, big cuffed gloves, some kind of military-inspired hat, crazy jewelry and leather pants. The matching Snow White riding outfit has...been put on the back burner. There's just no time.

Although the time crunch is stressing me out, I am also kind of having a blast sewing. It's been a very long time since I last got to work on something that didn't involve staring at a computer screen!


one of us

Okay, so I'm a bit out of practice with the DSLR and trying to get in the frame before the timer starts (remotes, what are those), and accidentally lost half this shoot anyway, but look! An actual outfit post!

Wore this getup to my town's annual fall festival during the crafts weekend and omg REGRET. When you're the only person not in jeans and a hoodie in Connecticut, apparently you are a weirdo magnet. Although, said weirdos were also dressed in non-standard wear... I may be on my way to joining your ranks but jfc I just want to watch this pottery demonstration stop telling me your life story. 

Not too many pics of the fest itself as I only had my phone on me, and the crowds were INSANE.


late summer stop in the neitherworld

A test of Revlon's Photoready primer led to some cartoonish makeup today, with me attempting to channel both versions of Beetlejuice's Lydia Deetz. The primer itself is okay; smells kind of weird and didn't really help my problem with the Photoready foundation going on flaky or chunky in some spots. Also it does nothing to smooth out my complexion, but I don't really expect miracles here. However, the color match is MUCH better with the primer. (Without it, too much yellow. I really need a neutral, not pink or yellow, color, but most drugstore brands don't have neutral shades at all.)

Also, pay no attention to the godawful sloppy gel eyeliner, because I am still failing at it. The photos hide how messy it actually looks in person. I will never understand how people get such a lovely thick, precise line with liquid or gel liner.

hat: good question
swimsuit: Target
lipstick: Revlon
foundation: Revlon Photoready 002
primer: Revlon Photoready
powder: Maybelline ivory
concealer: Maybelline beige
eyeliner: Urban Decay pencil and 
Maybelline eye studio blackest black
mascara: Maybelline black
eyeshadow: some random palette
brows: eyeshadow as well, lol.
I need a good, matching brow color


hear me whine about wine

A hierarchy of wine in my head, and it screams, NO RED. 

Luckily, Chamard Vineyards in Clinton had a very fine selection of whites for us to try on Sunday afternoon. Of the three wineries I visited this summer, this one was by far the most impressive, featuring neat, picturesque grounds, beautiful interiors, multiple tasting rooms, a bistro, sociable staff and really very high quality wine. (Also, actual parking, unlike some others. Clearly designed for visitors.) 

Personal recommendations: the light, unoaked Stone Cold White and their fantastic, incredibly sweet white port.

Regarding my outfit: A surprisingly working combo that would have been much better if not paired with sneakers. Later in the day, at a cousin's housewarming party in the area, I donned a brown sunhat to match (and apparently became overdressed for the occasion, even though all my stuff comes from cheapo juniors stores. Welp.)


selfies on a farmer's market day

The art of taking my own picture with an iphone, I have yet to master it. Soon I'll bust out the actual DSLR and snap a decent outfit shoot for once, but for now, you can all suffer through my phone hijinks.

Today's look, mainly American Eagle (and a pair of bright orange Payless canvas shoes I had to bleach lighter; it was a matter of public service), took me downtown to shop the local farmer's market. I usually really enjoy the friendly atmosphere of fairs and this sort of thing, but damned if my fellow townspeople didn't sour it by acting like, well, themselves. "I've got somewhere to be gtfo my way" might as well have been tattooed on foreheads. Relax, people. There are like 2 booths here; it's not that serious.


An Enchanted Tale at

Damn, Ruche. You could not have hit more of my style aspirations with your An Enchanted Tale feature than if you'd designed it specifically for me. Pretty and a little retro, with a few bold prints and a touch of Japanese art? I covet EVERYTHING.

(And now I really want to work giant fox origami into my bedroom design. Make it so, internet.)


DIY dilemmas: repurposing pins

Bunny here, although a cherished companion of mine since birth, has seen better days. So has this 1980s pin my grandmother gave me new. 

Repurposing pins and brooches is nothing novel for crafters. I've seen many beautiful necklaces and hair ornaments arise from the ashes of a slightly battered brooch. This one, however, isn't as sturdy as the usual choices. As you can see, the structure is a little too fragile to support jump rings or other attachments, soldering would destroy it, and I refuse to repair the wobbly pin by sawing it off and GLUING on a new one. (I really, really hate seeing a huge chunk of hot glue on a jewelry piece.)

All this pin really has going for it is sentimental value.

I'll be on the idea hunt for this one for a bit, clearly.


of weekend getaways and connecticut winery wear

All those nitpicky internet guidelines regarding what to wear when visiting a winery? LIES.

Okay, not entirely lies. But there was certainly some disconnect between my Google search results for "winery wear" and reality, at least for the southeastern Connecticut vineyard excursion I attended over the weekend in celebration of my mother's birthday. 

"You mean you actually traveled farther than 45 minutes from home for once, Meesh?" Oh, shut up. You know it's a pain to drive east of the river (even if I wasn't actually the one driving, just the carsick front passenger. Ayup, I'm that person.)

Since my mom hates anyone driving at night, the plan was to stop by a few different vineyards for wine tastings/tours during the day and then hit Foxwoods casino later on for dinner and bed. Turned out to be an excellent schedule, although I'd recommend actually sleeping the night before, eating lunch at some point and taking a break before dinner, all of which we did NOT do. I may have died at the end of the night.

Regarding the particular wineries we visited, I liked Jonathan Edwards in North Stonington best (my mother preferred Maugle Sierra in Ledyard). The grounds were beautiful, the staff super friendly and the atmosphere relaxed, even though they were hosting a wedding that evening. JE offered a choice between 3 and 7 tastings, which, for someone who may or may not be cheating on an acid reflux-induced diet (ahem), was really convenient. (The tasting portions were kind of enormous though, omg.)

As for fashion, I was glad to have ignored the internet's advice. Layers? Pfft. Sturdy shoes? Everyone but me (well, and the men) was in sandals or wedges. It was a sea of long hair, oversized bags, big sunglasses and trendy sundresses, both maxi and knee-length. A few hipsters in printed skirts, too. From the photos, you can see that I, on the other hand, went for my usual "cute, but a little weird; seriously-what-are-those-socks" look.

My guidelines for summer wine tasting clothing? Comfortable shoes (no heels; there's a lot of standing around in the grass), a good sundress, shorts or capris, and sunscreen. Hat optional, although I don't know how you all avoid sunburn without one. Not even my scalp goes unscathed.

No pictures from the casino or the very cozy Two Trees hotel, mostly because I forgot, so you can be spared the many Rosie Larson jokes made that day about the far-from-everyone-else dodgy stairwell-side room I shared with my sister. However, I do wish I'd photographed the food at David Burke Prime, because it looked as fantastic as it tasted. (Also, complimentary cotton candy at the end!)

Unfortunately had to cut the night short due to extreme fatigue catching up with me (sorry, Brother and SIL), but was kind of glad to get away from the unfamiliar aggressive rudeness of the obvious out-of-staters. (I like Connecticut rude behavior, where you mostly pretend other people don't exist--or shouldn't--and are a master of bitchface.) It was the longest shuttle ride ever back to the hotel, though. I couldn't wait to fall into what were, honestly, the comfiest beds ever.

And then I still couldn't sleep. Fffff--

Happy Birthday, Mom. Let's do this again...maybe sometime after I catch up on Z's.

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