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Okay, so I'm a bit out of practice with the DSLR and trying to get in the frame before the timer starts (remotes, what are those), and accidentally lost half this shoot anyway, but look! An actual outfit post!

Wore this getup to my town's annual fall festival during the crafts weekend and omg REGRET. When you're the only person not in jeans and a hoodie in Connecticut, apparently you are a weirdo magnet. Although, said weirdos were also dressed in non-standard wear... I may be on my way to joining your ranks but jfc I just want to watch this pottery demonstration stop telling me your life story. 

Not too many pics of the fest itself as I only had my phone on me, and the crowds were INSANE.

Jacqueline  – (October 13, 2013 at 10:16 PM)  

loving the pattern on your frock, and that adorable puppy dog like expression of yours in the 2nd photo! :)

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