i solemnly swear

...to get back into posting and commenting regularly now that the holidays o' doom are finished. Barely had the time to scroll through everyone else's posts, let alone put up some of my own. I sense a great deal of catch-up reading in my future...

Today's outfit doesn't entirely work for me, and no, it's not because I'm wearing thigh-highs in January. I had the cute sweater/stockings/ruffle shorts getup on as a comfy, indoor hanging-around type of thing, but wanted to take the photos outside in the cold weather instead. Mistake! The coat and shoes killed the proportions of the outfit. Just not a good combination. I think this would have worked a lot better with a slightly longer, looser coat (possibly in another color.) This shape of coat should probably stay with bottoms that elongate the legs more.

What did jazz me is the chunky wooden bracelet, made by my sister Laura as a Christmas gift for yours truly. She hand-carved the blocks, and finished them with an ebony-colored stain and semi-gloss polyurethane. Then I made her scramble to help me assemble and paint the Dharma Initiative board game I was making for le boyfriend. The week before Christmas. Riiiight up until the day before.

(Me, a pain in the ass? Not possible.)


sweater: Target
ruffle shorts: Forever21
coat: Old Navy
stockings: Sockdreams
flats: Charlotte Russe
scarf: NY&Co
bracelet: handmade by my sister
bag: from the early 00s
lipstick: Covergirl Temptation



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