into the fog

Last week's fog made for a cool shooting atmosphere -- or it would have, had it rolled in a little earlier in the day. By nightfall, visibility was minimal, and I was furious that it was too dark to experiment out there. As it was, I learned three things about taking photos in fog: 1) it is cold, 2) any hairstyling will be almost instantly destroyed by frizz, and 3) no seriously it's cold; put some gloves on, stupid.

This isn't my favorite outfit, mainly because the comfortable-but-overlarge charcoal trousers need tailoring (preferably not by me!) and because the perfect pair of black riding boots still eludes me. (By the pestilent gods, I will find you before the season is out, perfect boots.)

In the meantime, I'll just be over here, chasing the fog and enjoying my last chances to wear fall jackets.

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