hear me whine about wine

A hierarchy of wine in my head, and it screams, NO RED. 

Luckily, Chamard Vineyards in Clinton had a very fine selection of whites for us to try on Sunday afternoon. Of the three wineries I visited this summer, this one was by far the most impressive, featuring neat, picturesque grounds, beautiful interiors, multiple tasting rooms, a bistro, sociable staff and really very high quality wine. (Also, actual parking, unlike some others. Clearly designed for visitors.) 

Personal recommendations: the light, unoaked Stone Cold White and their fantastic, incredibly sweet white port.

Regarding my outfit: A surprisingly working combo that would have been much better if not paired with sneakers. Later in the day, at a cousin's housewarming party in the area, I donned a brown sunhat to match (and apparently became overdressed for the occasion, even though all my stuff comes from cheapo juniors stores. Welp.)

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