shaka, when the walls fell

Waited a little too long to start shooting this time, and then tried to take pictures in glaring late afternoon sun on the first beautiful day we've had this month. The viewscreen, how it lied to me about the colors! Oh, to be doing traditional b&w photography again. Or even alternative processes. At least there's no fiddling around in Photoshop (well, it'll be GIMP for me since I'm poor).

 At this point I realized I had fallen into some inescapable pit of overprocessing. Just one more tweak, I told myself...

Clearly, I do not have the editing skills to make a bad photo look good! I had to walk away. Until another day, DSLR.

Outfit, in case you were wondering:

Brown bomber from Target
Volcom black dress
Charlotte Russe top and leggings
New York & Co. purse
White Stag boots

the perfect pear  – (March 19, 2011 at 8:07 AM)  

the final effect, is so lovely! it makes it look so cheery and happy!

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