nananananana, you say it's your birthday

strapless dress and belt: Target
ballet flats: Charlotte Russe
tights and camisole: Express
bracelet: gift

Camera, Set Design and Catering:

I woke up this morning to an extra special surprise. 

No, the surprise was not that another year had snuck upon me in the night, thank you very much. Save the old lady jokes for my next birthday.

What I found was that Laura had transformed the dining room into a breakfast tea party, complete with handmade ruffled streamers, wildflowers, an awesome cyanotype banner, and the most delicious maple and pecan scones, which I would eat every morning if I could. I have no idea how long she planned for this! My mother, Laura and I had a nice little tea, and some early gifts were opened. Verdict: excellent way to start off a birthday.

Later, we rounded up the rest of the family and le boyfriend for dinner at a Japanese restaurant in town that we'd never been to, which turned out to serve pretty great food. I played it safe with the sesame chicken, since I wanted to be sure I'd actually be able to eat my meal, but luckily I ended up getting to sample mostly everyone's food. (My fellow acid reflux sufferers, you understand my reluctance.) Sorry not to have pictures of the beautiful plates and decor to show, but unlike braver bloggers, I can't envision a scenario in which I would not get scolded for taking photos in a restaurant.

Ended the night with a combination red velvet and yellow layer cake, also Laura's creation and also delicious, then did the post-cake gift opening. Oh, so many lovely things have come into my possession today, I cannot even tell you anything except that I am a spoiled, spoiled child. (But you will surely be seeing them in later posts!)

Turning another year older, not so bad so far!

Lucy The Valiant  – (July 31, 2011 at 4:37 AM)  

Happy birthday!!! What a pretty surprise breakfast!

(I'm always scared to take pictures of my food in restaurants, too.)

The Cat Hag  – (July 31, 2011 at 6:01 AM)  

Oh Happy Birthday Princess, these photos are so delightful!! :)

You look so happy, and everything is so gay and pretty! ♥

The Cat Hag
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La Fille D'or  – (July 31, 2011 at 9:30 PM)  

aww your day sounded perfect : )

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