cinematographic: leeloo, the fifth element

Unlike the usual utopian/dystopian depictions of the universe in science fiction stories, the vision of the future in The Fifth Element is a vision I can actually believe. Well, except for the clothes! Real people are just not that awesome.

Whether you love or hate the larger-than-life comic book adventure style of this often tongue-in-cheek movie, the design aesthetics are undeniably excellent and so far from the muted color, minimalist or all black directions most others choose to take. This genre is notoriously bad about civilian clothing, so it's inspiring to see something markedly different. (This is what happens when you have Gaultier designing costumes!) They also aren't without humor (see anyone in a uniform.)

Best of all are the little pops of brilliant color in every scene, from bold reds, blues and yellows to pure neon orange.

I get such a Barbarella vibe here.
This is how I always pictured Coruscant, from Star Wars. A big mishmosh of city levels with the rich, new construction just piled on top of the old buildings, until the bottom levels are totally unusable except to the most desperate.
I would wear this, ngl. 
You think this is just your basic ribbed tank combo...
Until he turns around. Gotta say, cutouts in menswear? I approve. I am also digging that puffy 80s crop jacket he has in the previous pic.
I would pay so many cash monies for this technology. Instant makeup!
Zorg seems to be into shiny upholstery fabric for his suits. 
She is also wearing a transparent neon green vinyl miniskirt, in case you were wondering. So...much...clubwear....
Do I really need to say anything about the awesome stylings of Ruby Rhod?
My dream hotel room, right there.
I am pretty sure this guy's entire getup is sheer lace. Make of that what you will.
When this movie came out I desperately wanted her hair. Alas, it really is not possible without major professional help.
I see that even here, we cannot ever fully escape Trek-style costumes!
That look right there communicates how I feel about this movie, too. I've got a soft spot for you, The Fifth Element.

Mio Tamura  – (July 29, 2011 at 6:18 AM)  

lol such an awesome post! luv it, ya I never noticed how much punch alotta cinema outfits are....especially sci-fi films! great post! and love the red Corrina bag....
and I TOO have a soft spot for Bruce...teehhee

The Cat Hag  – (August 2, 2011 at 4:42 AM)  

I thought the movie sets were beyond spectacular.

I loved the lighting, the color and all the fabulous costumes! :)

The Cat Hag
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