violets are blue, roses are mauve

skirt and shrug: Target
blouse: borrowed from my mother
gladiator sandals: Nine West
purse: Nine West, borrowed from Laura
jewelry: gift
sunglasses: gift


The swelling around my eyes went down enough that Laura could shoot one of the outfits I wore this week--although not enough that I wanted to go anywhere but my backyard! (Benadryl, thy drugs are quick.) At least the yard is looking beautiful these days; last summer's landscaping project ended up a little bare at first. It's filled in nicely now, though Laura insists there can never be enough rose bushes. (My father would prefer the yard become all-vegetable. It's an ongoing battle of wills.)

As for me, my dream yard (and house!) is the set from Practical Magic. I mean, look at this house. And some closeups of the featured home based on the movie design. If it's inevitable that Laura and I turn into the Aunts someday, I want a place like this to putter around in my old age. 

(She'll be Frances, obviously. If I'm anyone in that movie, it's probably the awkward kid Antonia, though, haha.)

The Cat Hag  – (July 24, 2011 at 10:49 PM)  

Gosg, is that your backyard? It looks fab, like something out of a fairy tale!

Hehe, and you do not need me to tell you how classy you look, I must have repeated it so many times! ;)

The Cat Hag

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