summer birthday babies

Birthdays come one after the other in my family, peppering the summer months with celebrations. This can be both a bonus and a source of frustration: having them all over vacation may mean more planning time, but having them so close together may mean less planning time. I hustled like I've never hustled before, people.

Friday was my sister Laura's birthday, which we spent at a few different places. After some morning gift-giving, we picked up the cake at the Mozzicato bakery in Plainville, which, if you couldn't tell from the stealth photos, is cute as hell on the inside. Tasted a few things while we were there, too. That's some kind of lemon tart topped with chocolate whipped cream for Laura, a chocolate eclair for my mother, and me with the giant cream puff of deliciousness. Tried so hard to finish everything, but no dice. That's just too much dessert at lunchtime.

Laura ended up choosing a chocolate mousse cake, in case you're wondering. I'm told it was every bit as good as our lunch. (No chocolate for me, thanks.) Before rounding up the crew for dinner out, we went for mini golfing at the only establishment I've ever seen have trees and shade, rather than being some hot open parking lot of hell. Apparently I got the best score. Without noticing. Shows my dedication to sports and winning, ha.

Here's to the Jane to my Daria. Or maybe the Patsy to my Eddie, I'm not really sure. Just as long as we don't turn into the Beales any time soon. Hope your birthday was a smashing one.

blouse: Ruche
ruffle shorts: Forever21
shoes: Charlotte Russe
sunglasses: Target
bracelet: MC Stoneworks

sweater: Aerie
jeans: Pacific Sunwear
shoes: Roxy
bag: Four Seasons

Laura (and sometimes Meesh)

LyddieGal  – (August 21, 2011 at 7:50 PM)  

No chocolate? I'll be a few minutes while I try to get my head around that.

Well, you and your sis look darling, and I'm glad she had a fun birthday!

Chic on the Cheap

Lucy The Valiant  – (August 22, 2011 at 4:58 AM)  

Looks fun! And that scarab bracelet? SO CUTE!

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