cinematographic: ariel, the little mermaid

her sisters asked her what she had seen
I saw this dress and immediately thought of the scene in Disney's The Little Mermaid where Ariel first gets her legs, and has to wrap herself in a a piece of shipwrecked sail fabric. 

Screencap from Disney Screencaps

Haven't got this movie either, even on VHS. I'd put it on the must-have list, but frankly, I fear the DVD re-coloring. This is also one of the reasons I refuse to replace my Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast tapes. It just ain't right. 

...I'll just go chase those kids off my lawn now, shall I?

The Little Mermaid isn't my favorite Disney flick, but I'll never understand all of the backlash this film took about the altered ending. Maybe it's because I didn't find the original H.C.A. ending that engaging. (Fairy tales with hammered-on religious messages don't really thrill me, although I swear I've read a version that didn't have that in it at all.) Or maybe it didn't seem like pandering to me because there were plenty of kids' movies when I was young that were bittersweet, sad, or just plain nightmare fuel. 

Orrr maybe it's that the added Ursula bridal plot made the movie about 1000x more interesting. 

Screencap of the most gorgeous almost-Disney-princess from film_stills

Lucy The Valiant  – (June 29, 2011 at 8:31 AM)  

Awesome! I loved this movie when I was little, and I love all this stuff now!

The Cat Hag  – (June 29, 2011 at 9:59 PM)  

Ooooh... Ariel has got to be the most beautiful Disney princess! I am such a big fan of her long red hair.

And truth be told, I cannot remember the ending, it was so long ago that I watched it.

My favourite is Beauty And The Beast... Such a sweet story. ♥♥

The Cat Hag

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