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Is it wrong to take style cues likely meant for girls 12+ years younger than me? Most people would probably say, "Um, yeah, you're getting kind of old for this," unless they were really into certain Japanese street fashions. But the way I see it, sure I'm getting older...but not taller. Let's face it, many of the so-called "age appropriate" styles that get foisted on women after 30 (or if you're a guest on What Not to Wear, 20) just plain don't work for me. I don't want to have to choose between "dowdy" and "looks like she's playing dress-up," people. Let us shorties use what we've got, yeah?

Personally, I can't wait for age 65, when "does not give a goddamn" suddenly becomes a viable fashion style.

In other news, Covergirl's "embrace" shade of lipstick is my new favorite accessory. I was wary of it at first, but it's light enough that there is no color scheme it does not look good with, and bold enough that I don't really need eye makeup at all. (A bonus for the lazy amongst us.) It also stays on for most of the day and doesn't smudge too much, even after eating. Honestly never had a lipstick do that before.

(I'll be glad for the pop of fuschia come winter, too, considering that a cursory survey of my wardrobe revealed mostly grays. Blech.)


skirt/shoes: Charlotte Russe
shirt: found in the back of my bottom drawer
tights: Danskin
bracelet and ring: gifts
lipstick: Covergirl "Embrace"



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