cinematographic: sarah's ballgown, labyrinth

The ballroom dress in Labyrinth is a thing of beauty, if you were a kid of a certain age when this movie came out (and I was.) There aren't too many places to wear an enormous iridescent ballgown, however, so I tried to do a much more casual version. It was kind of frustrating, to be honest, since I already had an exact picture in my head of the pieces I wanted to find. Alas, most of them do not exist (or at least don't exist in the shimmer knit fabric I wanted), so I had to come up with an alternate interpretation. The only thing that's missing from this collage is the perfect hairpiece, which has eluded me entirely.

In my dream version, I worked the clock motif into the hair jewelry. It...sounded less insane in my head.
Masquerade scenes in any other movie fall completely short of my expectations because of the fantastic masks used here. (And no one is ever having as good a time, either!)
Even as a little girl, I knew I'd never find another man who could pull off this outfit.
Okay, this guy here in the long mask? Totally spotlighted by the camera throughout the whole scene. It's both kind of freaky and awesome how he progressively becomes a focal point as Sarah's discomfort intensifies. Considering some of the creative team were extras in this scene, I'd love to know who played this guy.
Labyrinth: setting up insanely high relationship expectations, one girl at a time.
I always liked to imagine that these were the goblins' real forms, as if they were all, once, babies Jareth had stolen.
Oh, Brian Froud, you can't hide from me.
No seriously, who is this guy?

Paris W  – (September 1, 2011 at 2:18 AM)  

It's such an amazing film! Possibly one of my favourites.
Paris W

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark  – (September 2, 2011 at 5:32 AM)  

I love this post! Labyrinth is amazing. The first time I saw it I was like 21 but the ballgown still stuck with me! It was all my little girl fantasies in ONE DRESS. I like the more modern approach you took with it too. Especially the shoes.

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